Coming Sept 10, 2023

The Columbus Garden Railway Society
2023 Fall Garden Tour
is going to happen, come:

Rain (bring an umbrella),  Shine (bring a visor),
Coronavirus (bring a mask & space 6 ft apart)

Scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 10, 2023
Hours: 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Scroll down the page to view our 2022 Railroads
2023 Tour will not be final “final” until the first week of September

1  The Puckerville RR – Owner: Paul & Camille Petersen

Puckerville is a 1960s small town community. The layout has two levels. Upper level has 80′ of track with bridges, tunnel, ponds, and a stream. Lower level is a coal mining line. There are many scratch-built buildings and 75 handmade people. Many herbs, ground covers, and dwarf plantings are used in the layout.

2  The C,S,T & J Railroad – Owner: Craig & Audrey Bigrigg

(V 1.0 started 27 years ago, V 2.0 in 2005)

The C,S,T & J  is a large railroad with four tracks. Two mainline loops featuring modern freight trains with an occasional Streamliner traversing the sweeping curves, trestles and tunnels. Two smaller loops showcase steam engines ,with Thomas the Tank making the rounds.

Shaded viewing areas, a gazebo, and two porches to enjoy while watching the action.  1,100+ feet of track, 10 feet of elevation changes to see everything. Partial wheel chair accessible.  Lots of off street parking.