Membership in the Columbus Garden Railway Society (CGRS) is open to anyone. One membership includes everyone in the immediate family residing with the primary member. Many memberships consist of a husband and wife team who both participate in garden railroading. Memberships include electronic delivery of the monthly newsletters, access to club sponsored tours, as the four club tour (Indiana, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus ) and the fall foliage railroad tour, and the annual banquet along with socializing and information sharing at the monthly meetings.


New members receive two name badges.


Family and single membership dues of $24 per year are due December 31st for the following year.  New member dues are prorated at $2 per month to the end of the year (December 31).  If joining between September 1 and December 31 a new member’s dues of $24 will be applied to the following year.  Membership for the rest of the current year is free. Additional and replacement name badges are $5 each.

For more information or questions contact membership 


 CGRS Membership & Name Badge Application Form

 Name(s) _______________________________________________    

 E-Mail _______________________________ 

 Address _______________________________________________   Date ___________

 City/State/Zip+4 ___________________________________________________  Phone ______ ______ _________

 Names for Badges __________________________________ & __________________________________

 Total enclosed $____________             Check should be made out to “CGRS”

    Mail this application and payment to:

                       Robert Collins
                       924 Middlebury Dr.
                       Worthington, Oh 43085-3466

and Welcome aboard !


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