The Columbus Garden Railway Society
2020 Fall Garden Tour
is going to happen, come:

Rain (bring a umbrella),  Shine (bring a visor),
Coronavirus (bring a mask & space 6 ft apart)

Scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020
Still working on the Railway right of ways
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The Columbus Garden Railway Society
2019 Fall Garden Tour 

 1  The Sweet Hollow RR

Sweet Hollow added a new loop to the layout spring 2017, the layout has 300 feet of track . Three loops run up to five trains with battery power. This layout has many interesting dwarf conifers, farm buildings, a campground, and a replica Gettysburg train station.

2. The Hacker Express RR

The Hacker Express Garden Railroad has undergone an expansion since its first appearance on the tour in 2017 tripling the original layout.  Many miniature plants accent the garden along with picturesque European themed scenes.   Since it’s Fall, that means Oktoberfest! Come hear the polka band and enjoy the trains either moving beer from the brewery to Oktoberfest on the mainline, or passengers taking a ride on the scenic cog railroad up Der Korkenzieherberg. Lederhosen optional.


3  The Recycled, Odds, Ends and Leftovers RR

The Recycled, Odds, Ends, and Leftovers railroad is a fictitious railroad heading south out of Xenia, Ohio. The lines travel through Brown County to Adams County with a farm community theme, following the White Oak Creek and over Cherry Fork Falls.


4  The Crawford Valley RR

The Crawford Valley Railroad meanders from Lily Pad Junction around a large pond and a waterfall. It travels through the country side, with interesting people, scenes and landscaping.

5  The Grand Rapids & Reeds Lake RR

The Grand Rapids and Reed Lake railroad has 4 loops on a raised bed. Train operations are favored over gardening. Structures on the railroad are reflective of the imagined areas around Reed Lake in the suburbs of Grand Rapids at the turn of the 19th century. The owner runs live steam locomotives, on 4 loops, with an operating catenary system to support streetcar operations.


6  The Puddlefort and Patio RR

The Puddlefort and Patio Railroad is modeled after a central Wisconsin Village and farmland served by the Chicago & North Western RR. A trolley line serves Puddlefort village. This railroad boosts well established small scale plants, dwarfed trained conifers, rock garden plants, and much more.

7 The Sutter Park Lumber RR

The Duggan's railroad runs four trains at one time. There are two point-to-point lines and a double dog bone. There is about 250 feet of track. This fully landscaped RR is based on a logging railroad and has a pond with waterfall and scratch-built buildings. New this year is the Carnival line which is fully animated. Mixed in with all the landscaping are many different scenes with a touch of fantasy. 


8 The Shelby& Sparta RR

The Shelby & Sparta railroad was first operating in 1998 on 1000 feet of track, comprised of a main line, branch line, an amusement park line, a circus themed line, a shuttle line, and a large radius “farm to city” line. Trains travel through mountains, valleys, tunnels, and across trestles and bridges.


9  Easton Express RR

Owners: Easton Center (across from Brie's Restraint)

Easton Express is a 1100 square foot railroad built in 2005. Trains run 12 hours a day seven days a week.


10  The MacKay Mills RR

The MacKay Mills RR began in 1996, with numerous additions that now total over 550 feet of track in 10 separate layouts. It includes 2 small loops, 6 back and forth reversing lines, with steam and catenary cog railways. There are tunnels, bridges, viaducts, trestles, 3 pools, and over 50 buildings and people to add character. The garden is heavily planted with dwarf conifers and specialty plants, and includes rock gardens. It is handicapped accessible from the rear alley.

11 The Kiousville, Palestine & Warnersvile RR

Our railroad is named The KPW Line, the Kiousville-Palestine-Warnersville Railroad which we started in 2006. It is about 600 feet, with two main lines that encircle two ponds and a sunken patio and a third loop around a lighthouse that sits over a underground lake (septic tank). There’s also a trolley that runs down the middle of the street where the town will be constructed once the depression is over. We have an inside trains storage yard. We run  steam and diesel engines and a railbus. We also have a rock garden and four flower gardens that the trains run through. We use track power for the  locomotives - all of which are radio-controlled 

12 The Mill Valley Northern RR

Started in the Spring of 2013, this railroad is constantly changing. This year a tunnel was removed and replaced with two bridges, one of which spans 32 feet and is made of aluminum and PVC. Although this was a "maintenance year", typically we add approximately 100 feet of track per year on average and the railroad has grown to around 500 feet. The Main line is all elevated, features many bridges and a trestle, and runs all the way around our house and through the garage! This is our first tour and we are very excited to share it with the public! We hope to see you in Marysville!