Mill Creek Central Railroad

Come Ride with Us…Literally !

May 31, 2020
Mill Creek Central Railroad

19313 County Road 6
Coshocton, OH 43817

By Gail Klink

We will be holding our regular meeting on Sunday, May 31, at 2:00 p.m. Since this meeting will be at Mill Creek Central Railroad in Coshocton, social distancing will be easy. Mill Creek is a huge facility consisting of many acres of 7.5” gauge track, bridges, trestles, tunnels, and scenery. With over 5 miles of track, riding on these live steam trains is spectacular, and this is a unique opportunity for our members since the railroad is not open to the public.

Because of current health concerns, our meeting will be slightly altered:

To avoid a gathering spot, there will be no refreshments provided. You can take your own.

Leave your chairs in your cars until you decide if you need them. You might not.

Wear your CGRS apparel if possible, and your nametag.

As a courtesy to others, please wear a mask.

Remember what 6 feet is. If you fall forward and hit someone, you are too close. (Except for Bob Dana.) You will be closer on the trains, but you will be facing someone’s back.

Since 2001, Mill Creek Central Railroad has been a host to meetings for those interested in the hobby. Dick McCloy built and maintains the railroad with volunteer help for landscaping, repairs, and maintenance.

Here are a few stats:

Track Gauge: 7 1/2″
Total Track Length: Approximately 5 miles
Rail Yards:3
Minimum Passing Siding Length:160 feet
Minimum Radius: 60 feet – Mainline
Minimum Mainline Switch:#8
Maximum Grade: 3% – Mainline
Signals: Yes – Mainline
Run Distance / Time: 3.3 Miles; 50 min.
Equipment Unloader:
Type –                 Pull Through
  Height Range –0.5 – 6.0 feet
Track Space – 3 @ 20 feet each
Steaming Bays:
Covered – 12
Open –14
Shelter (in case of rain):Yes
Cell Phone Connectivity:Very Limited


Take OH 16 East towards Coshocton. After 33 miles from Rt. 79 in Newark, make a slight left onto Township Hwy 347. After .4 miles, turn left onto Township Hwy 284. After 2 miles, turn left onto Co. Rd. 6. After .3 miles, turn right onto Township Hwy 282. After 300 feet, you will be at Mill Creek Central Railroad, 19313 Co. Rd. 6, Coshocton, OH, 43817.